The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 04/16/2012

Nothing too spectacular this morning, but there’s a couple of deals that may be worth your attention, and one you shouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.  Here’s the roundup:

Fifty-Fifty: The Capitol Deal’s offer of $15.50 for an entree and unlimited mimosas or bloody marys at Ulah Bistro is real tempting.  Ulah Bistro serves up a delicious brunch – I recommend the Eggs Chesapeake – and is a great place to spend a Saturday morning/early afternoon.  That being said, this deal is only worth it for the drinks.  One drink makes it worth the purchase, and if you’re looking to while away a Saturday after 2-3 mimosas, then definitely buy this.  If not, you can eat cheaper without the deal.

Fifty-Fifty: Scoutmob’s Brookland Grill deal is going to get you $5 off a solid breakfast at a small, no-frills restaurant.  Worth traveling across the city for?  Probably not.  Worth stopping in if you’re in the neighborhood and want some pancakes?  Almost certainly.

Avoid: I saw Groupon’s all-you-can-eat crab feast at Steamer’s Seafood House in Bethesda and initially got pretty excited.  Crabs! As many as you can have! What could be better!  And then I saw the reviews.  Tepid at best, scathing at worst, Steamer’s appears to  be a place whose better days are behind it.  Skip this, and satisfy your crab craving elsewhere.

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