The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 4/18/2012

To the deals!

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Fifty-Fifty:  H Street Country Club is a fixture on the Atlas District, and today’s Groupon can get you $20 for $40 for food, drinks, and games.  While the Mexican-style menu has received pretty good reviews, we wouldn’t recommend buying this just for dinner.  But if you’re interested in getting a burrito, a margarita, and playing some mini-golf, this deal may be too good to pass up.


Fifty-Fifty: Marx Cafe may call itself revolutionary, but today’s Scoutmob deal isn’t.  Decent food and drinks make this a deal worth getting if you’re in the neighborhood, but the restrictions on happy hour and brunch limit its usefulness.  Nothing to write home about, but no need to outright avoid this offer.



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