The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 4/24/2012

Today is the second day in a row with some pretty weak deals.  Im hoping that this means that we are in for some great offers on the back end of this week.  Here is today’s roundup.

Fifty-Fifty: Once again, Scoutmob’s saving grace is that its coupons require no advanced purchase or even printing.  If this weren’t the case, today’s $5 off at Los Hermanos would likely be an avoid.  This isn’t to say that the genuine Dominican food at this Columbia Heights grocery turned cafeteria style dining room isn’t great.  Rather,  with a five dollar maximum discount and a dine-in only restriction, this deal become’s another one of Scoutmob’s classic ‘if you are in the neighborhood, go for it’ deals.  If you dont get there, don’t fret.

Fifty-Fifty: This $15 for $30 to Curry Mantra from The Capitol Deal is actually a must buy… if you live in Fairfax and love Indian food.  If not, you can pretty much ignore this one.  The food is pretty legit, but with a restriction to dine-in dinner only (sorry Indian buffet lunch lovers) this deal falls flat.  Since almost every entree on the menu costs more than $15, this deal wont even completely cover dinner for two.  Indian restaurant deals pop up frequently so save your money unless you are a Fairfax resident or attend nearby George Mason University.

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