The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 4/27/2012

It’s time to say goodbye and good riddance to this week, which has been pretty terrible for deals.  Today is no exception, with nothing particularly great coming your way. Here’s hoping next week shapes up a little bit better.

[UPDATE] Must Buy: Cafe Sazon in Arlington dropped a last minute fantastic deal on us. Groupon has three deals to pick from but we’re recommending the $33 for a dinner for 4. For $8.25 you get an entree, a dessert, and a drink. WHAT?!? The food must have to be terrible. Not so. This deal is worth of our affection based on food and price. Get it, invite 3 friends and go.

Fifty-fifty:  The revival of the Howard Theater is a pretty great story, and we’re as excited as anyone to try the new Marcus Samuelsson-designed menu.  But the new restaurant Flava @ Wa-Zo-Bia next store, the location of today’s Scoutmob deal?  Not as thrilling, to our eyes.  Serving up their take on soul and Caribbean food, this place looks pretty good but not necessarily a destination, though the location’s history of serving Howard Theater performers is definitely intriguing.  The deal’s restriction on happy hour takes away some of its value, and we just don’t see going out of your way to stop in here.

Check back later today for our write-up of Last Exit’s first anniversary celebration, and fingers crossed that next week is chock-full of Must-buys!

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