The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 5/3/2012

Good morning! We’re pretty exhausted after that 3 OT game last night, but the deals wait for no man!  Here’s what we’ve got this morning.

[Update] Fifty-Fifty: Groupon surprised us with a late addition with this $20 for $40 to Burapa Thai. The name is funny (sounds like a burp), but the deal is less so. The food is so-so and the bang for your buck is also so-so. Sounds like a fifty-fifty if I ever heard one. If you love Clarendon, though, then this is your kind of deal.

Fifty-fifty:  Our thoughts on today’s Scoutmob deal for Senbeb Vegan Cafe are pretty obvious.  Are you a vegan or vegetarian?  Then you’re probably going to love their selection of tofu dishes and faux-meats, including faux duck and fake crabcakes.  Are you used to eating the real thing?  Then you’re most likely going to find yourself very disappointed.  The $10 max discount means you’ll get 50% off one meal; anymore people at your table and you’ll be paying closer to full price.

Avoid: We love a good barbecue, but we can’t endorse paying $45 to hang out at James Hoban’s on a Saturday afternoon, even if that does include unlimited food and beer.  Get some friends together, buy some hamburgers, hot dogs, and six-packs, and do this yourself in someone’s backyard.  It’ll be less crowded, less expensive, and probably better food.

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