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Phillies Phamous Cheesesteak: An American Institution

“Some claim the war of American independence was won by brave patriots on the battlefield.  Others say by the pens of the great statesmen of the Continental Congress.  No friends, the war was won by the Philadelphia Cheese Steak.” -Benjamin Franklin*

Courtesy of Food Truck Fiesta

And the cheesesteak has been dominating ever since.  A staple from the city of brotherly love, the cheesesteak is just what it says, a chopped steak sandwich topped with cheese.  And as the food truck fleet has long been a bastion of regional specialties transplanted into our nation’s capital (like so), it was only a matter of time before we got a cheesesteak truck.

Enter new kids on the the block Phillies Phamous.  They have been rolling around in their red, white and blue themed truckstaurant for just about four weeks now.  I was lucky to catch them earlier today, holding their own over at food truck free for all location, Farragut North.  Upon arrival at the truck, a few things stick out instantly.

1.  This truck is specialized.  They offer a philly cheesesteak and a chicken philly (chicken instead of beef).  These are their two entree options.  Don’t like it? Walk away.

2. This truck has good value.  It might seem expensive when you walk up, but it isn’t.  Let me explain.  They offer a 6″ sub for $7 and a 12″ for $13.  Seem steep? It is if you get the foot long but trust me, that is enough food for two people or two meals.  If you are getting lunch, the smaller size of this chopped meat sammie is going to be enough.  And at $7 you are paying less than you would at almost every food truck.  They also offer a combo.  For an extra dollar you can get yourself chips and a drink.

3.  TOPPINGS!!!!! I love toppings and condiments and sandwich customizables.  They give me a sense of control over my own destiny.  They allow me to have a unique sandwich experience and to be my own man.  Phillies Phamous has no shortage of toppings: lettuce tomato, onions, hot pepper, sweet pepper, pickles, mushrooms, ketchup, mayo, mustard.  And don’t forget the cheese, you can choose from American, Provolone and Cheese Whiz.  Have your cheesesteak your way and enjoy as all your flavors and condiments come together into flavorful yumminess.

Your sandwich is going to be good.  The chopped steak is plentiful and tasty and the bread will soak in with all your delicious food juices.  But this cheesesteak truck is new and still has a couple of kinks to work out.  Your wait may be long, especially at a busy location like Farragut.  If cheesesteak is what you crave, then you will be able to handle the line, but hopefully they find some ways to cut down their prep time as they get more experienced.  Also, they don’t have utensils.  Yes I know its a sandwich and I should suck it up, but you will have steak falling off every which way.  If you are a business person on a short lunch break, you dont want to be risking your fancy clothes by picking up a bunch of finely chopped meat with your fingers.

Those small qualms aside, this truck is a good option if you want a big meaty sandwich for lunch and it is in the area.  Lets all give a big welcome to the folks over at Phillies Phamous and show them some love on twitter @philliesphamous 

*not an actual quote

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  1. Monique says:

    I am from Philly and I thought the cheesesteak was just like home!! LOVED IT!!

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