The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 6/6/2012

I was hoping for some good must-buys today for my birthday, but unfortunately we’re stuck with a round of middling deals.  Here’s the roundup.

Fifty-Fifty: Today’s LivingSocial for a $77 three-course sushi meal for two at Fujimar is actually pretty tempting.  Fujimar’s mix of Latin and Asian cuisine makes for an exciting menu, and $77 for three courses and a round of cocktails is not a bad price.  At the end of the day, it’s a little too expensive for us to whole-heartedly endorse, but if you’ve got an occasion coming up and you’re looking for a nice night out, I say pick this deal up today.

Fifty-Fifty:  The Scoutmob for Theismann’s in Alexandria might be the most fifty-fifty deal I’ve ever seen.  The deal itself?  Probably just enough to cover dinner for two, although you’ll likely spend over with an appetizer or a drink.  The food?  Pretty good simple food, though nothing that will blow you away.  The location?  Great if you’re in Alexandria, terrible if you’re anywhere else.  Thankfully, it’s a Scoutmob, so no pressure to buy, and if you find yourself nearby you can drop in and take advantage.

Fifty-fifty:  Wanna know what I think about The Capitol Deal at Finemondo? See above.  The city is full of Italian restaurants, and neither the food at Finemondo nor the terms of this deal make this stand out.  You likely won’t regret this purchase, but it won’t thrill you either.

Sorry for the lack of conviction today!  Hopefully we’ll come back with some solid must-buys tomorrow.

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