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Siam House

We’ve written about Thai food in this space before. DC is home to many mediocre overpriced Thai restaurants. It’s very easy to serve a passable Pad Thai. It’s not a very complex dish. But making really good, really fresh Thai food is more challenging. There’s fewer out of this world Thai restaurants out there. You have to wade through a lot of bad Tom Yum Soup to find the truly good places. Evan found one in Beau Thai. I’m going to tell today about one of my favorite, Cleveland Park’s Siam House.

As some of you may know I’m a big fan of the dining scene in Cleveland Park. i think it’s one of the cities best when looking at quality restaurants divided by number of restaurants. There are a bunch of places where can get really great food. It’s an especially great neighborhood for those of you that live North of Woodley Park (Tenleytown, Van Ness, Friendship Heights, etc.) that often have trouble finding a good restaurant. This place is a really good date restaurant(I’ve used it a number of times), especially if the weather is nice and you can sit outside.

Now the food here is the highlight by far. Everything is fresh and light. My standard go to is the Pad See Ew with Chicken. The wide noodles complement the chicken and tender yet firm broccoli. The sauce doesn’t overpower, which is important in a dish like this. It keeps the dish refreshing and delicious, but doesn’t make itself the star.

The Tom Yum soup is phenomenal as well. One of my favorite Thai dishes, the soup really goes all in on being tangy and with fresh shrimp and big mushrooms, you’re in for a treat.

Thai food is never really cheap per se. But Siam House is definitely affordable. My choice of soup and entree runs about $15, which for the quality you’re getting is quite reasonable. So with summer upon grab some friends, or a new beau and head on over to Siam House. Eat outside and enjoy the fantastic weather.


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