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Bloo Moo: Oh the Toppings

I love froyo. I’m going to go out on a limb and say I like it more than ice cream. Heresy, you cry! Madness, you scream! It’s true my friends. Give me a cup of tart yogurt over a cup of your finest cookie dough any day. This has nothing to do with health consciousness or my love(?) of probiotics. What this has to do with is straight up taste. I enjoy the crisp and refreshing flavor of yogurt on a hot summer day. One of the DC food fads that I’ve truly embraced, especially the DIY version that’s become so prevalent, frozen yogurt has quickly become one of my favorite desserts.

So the opening of a new froyo place in restaurant deprived Tenleytown was likely the best restaurant news of the summer (unless somehow DGS Delicatessen decides to race open this summer). Bloo Moo yogurt is another very solid entry into the DC froyo mix. We’re going to come back to this subject here on Eat the District later this summer. Bloo Moo goes the DIY route and goes all in on the toppings.

The yogurt itself is good. Honestly the differences between good and great froyo are pretty small by my estimation. Is it cold? Is it tart? If it hits both of those it’s likely not going to be awful. Bloo Moo’s froyo is eminently solid. They offer a lot of flavors and even have some No Sugar Added options.

Bloo Moo gets my big smile approval courtesy of its toppings. There are a lot of options. I mean a lot. Chocolate covered pretzels a lot. A lot of these DIY places have your standard fruits and chocolates and sweets. Blue Moo has stuff you haven’t had. Over 30 toppings and syrups by my count. On my most recent trip I went Strawberries, Yogurt Covered Peanuts, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Heath Bar bits, Peanut Butter Chips, and Dark Chocolate bits. Wow. My gut.

The price won’t break the bank and is comparable to a lot of these pay by the pound spots. That said, I always get too much. Everything always just looks so I good, I can’t resist. That’s what these places are relying on and when I walk through the door I promise they won’t be disappointed.

So take a trip up Tenleytown way and grab some delicious froyo. Make sure you call me first because when it comes to froyo I have no self control


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