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Everyone knows that DC has been swept by food truck mania. We’re on board with this fad, 100%. However, sometimes lost in the craze are those trucks outside of DC. Some of the best the DMV has to offer, aren’t actually in DC. We’ve talked about a Montgomery County gem in the past. Today I’m here to tell you about one of Northern Virginia’s finest, Seoul Food.

Seoul Food, as the pun-y name suggests, dishes up Korean food. I know what you’re thinking, Micah, enough with your love of Bulgogi. In a city that loves its food crazes, my personal food obsession is Korean food. I can’t get enough. And Seoul Food is a big time star. I usually catch up with them on Thursdays in Courthouse, and if I get unlucky the line is really long.

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But the food is worth it. My go-to is the Bibimbap with half chicken/half beef and the spicy sauce. The first thing you’ll notice about Seoul Food is how unbelievably fresh everything tastes. The veggies (including radish, daikon, carrots, greens, etc.) have a great crunch. The sunny-side up egg is always one of the best parts to any good bibimbap;¬†adding some stickiness gives the whole dish a denser texture and a richer flavor. The meat itself, however, is the standout. Sometimes with Korean dishes the meat can be a little stringier. The meat here is wonderful. Cooked to perfection and never gristly or tough, you’re getting some awesome tastes all around in this dish.

Now Seoul Food is a bit pricey. My dish will run you around $10 (and Kimchi is an extra $2), but given that trucks can be a little more expensive AND the food is so fantastic AND you get a pretty hearty portion, I’ll pay the extra premium every time. Among the dedicated cadre of trucks in Northern Virginia, Seoul Food ranks at or near the top. So head down Virginia way, and feast on some delicious Korean.

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