The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 7/25/2012

Only one deal heading your way this morning, but if you like Moroccan food, get your credit cards ready.

Must-Buy: Today’s Google Offer for $18 for $40 at Souk first stands out because of its value, at more than 50%.  Once you get  a look at the menu, you’ll be hooked.  Souk serves up some tasty Moroccan food, both in tapas-style small plates and in larger entrees.  $40 should get you enough tapas for 2, and there’s enough entrees under $20 to get full dinners as well.  Even if you and your dining companion go for the more expensive tagines, you won’t go too far over your coupon’s value. Grab this deal while you can and go chow down on some hummus!

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