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Mailbag: Adams Morgan Business Lunch Edition

Only one question to answer today.  Keep sending them in!

Courtesy of Yelp

I have a client near the Woodley Park metro station who recently had a big work accomplishment, and I want to take him out to lunch to celebrate. Where in the area do you recommend?

The way I see it, there’s three main things going on here. 1: location is important, since you don’t want the client to have to leave the area. 2: this is both a celebration and a business affair, so you want to pick a place that will impress.  3: you’re eating with someone you probably don’t know that well, so it’s best to choose something on the safe side.

This was a tough one, primarily because some of the better restaurants in this area unfortunately aren’t open for lunch; District Kitchen, New Heights Restaurant, even Mintwood Place a few blocks away all serve only dinner on weekdays. The big DC power lunch spots are further downtown, but that takes you outside of the Woodley Park region.

The strip of restaurants directly across from the metro is tempting, with Tono Sushi, Umi Sushi, and Lebanese Taverna all potentially good options.  Without knowing that your client likes sushi or Middle Eastern food, however, these could be a bit of a risk.  Unless you ask ahead, you might want to go with something a little more neutral.

My choice? Cafe Sorriso, a small Italian restaurant just around the corner.  Cafe Sorriso has a limited menu, but with a number of small plates, a few pasta dishes, and both a grilled salmon and a steak entree, you should both find something you like.  Good food without being stuffy, this seems like the perfect atmosphere as well.  Head here and enjoy!


2 Responses to Mailbag: Adams Morgan Business Lunch Edition

  1. Lisa Duperier says:

    The Circulator takes you right from Woodley to Adams Morgan. Southern Hospitality or La Fourchette would meet the criteria you set for the lunch, plus show knowledge of the city just a short bit from right on top of the Woodley Metro.

  2. korin says:

    Who asks their client to get on the bus to go to a business lunch?

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