The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 08/09/12

Theme of the day: restaurants we’ve featured before on The Morning Roundup. One deal gets better, one deal loses some value, and one deal is so similar I’m just going to copy and paste.  Here’s what we got for you today.

Must-buy: Today’s Groupon is $12 for $26 Boston-import The Upper Crust in Dupont Circle, and if you’re craving some good pizza this is one you shouldn’t miss.  This deal has a bit more going for it than the $10 for $20 one Micah gave a fifty-fifty in April; with $26, you’ll easily have enough food for 3, maybe 4 people, as this should cover or come close to covering both a pizza and one of their calzones. Hurry, though: only a limited quantity of coupons is available.

Fifty-fifty: It was exactly a month ago that Micah gave a must-buy rating to a prix-fixe dinner with wine at Toscana Cafe.  Today’s Scoutmob features the same location but unfortunately not the same value, with a $15 max discount for table.  The delicious Italian food served here still makes this deal worth it for most, but don’t expect to get anywhere near dinner for two.

Fifty-fifty: Today’s Livingsocial for $20 for $45 at Ristorante Piccolo is almost exactly similar to the Groupon deal here that Steve covered back in June. Here’s what he said then, which applies perfectly to this deal as well:   “It really should only be used during lunch.  The fancy Italian food here will crush your coupon in moments during dinner where most of the entrees cost well over $20.  This is unfortunate, as this restaurant is often used as a date spot, but be unconventional and have a lunch date.  But call it a date.  Because she may think it isn’t a date.  Or something. Anywho, your coupon should cover a nice meal on their more reasonable lunch menu.”

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