The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 08/21/2012

Maybe I’m just feeling indecisive this morning, but while both of these deals are definitely worth a look, neither rose to that must-buy level.  Here’s what we got for you.

Fifty-fifty:  Just like last time Fujimar offered a deal, I find myself really tempted to pick up today’s Groupon for $40 for $20 and go try the Latin/Asian fusion menu at this Penn Quarter restaurant. Though the promise of fresh, delicious seafood makes this worth it for anyone who’s been waiting to make the trip and wants a few dollars off, $40 won’t get you a meal for two, keeping this deal from being a must-buy.

Fifty-fifty: Today’s Scoutmob deal for up to $15 off at Camino Real in Petworth will definitely get you dinner for two at this inexpensive Salvadoran/Mexican restaurant; it just won’t be the most exciting meal you’ve had, or the best Salvadoran food you’ll find in DC.  This deal is definitely worth it for a quick meal out, but not worth going out of your way for.


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