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Mailbag: Fancy Sushi Dinner!

Sorry for the slow pace of posts recently: all the moving-associated activity has left us little time to try new places and write about them! Today, we’ve got another edition of the Mailbag, and one with a subject close to Eat the District’s hearts: Sushi!

I am looking for a great sushi restaurant in DC to take my boyfriend for our six month anniversary – any suggestions? Asian fusion works too, just would like great sushi on the menu! Somewhere nice, upscale, modern, somewhere we can dress up a little, preferably close to downtown.

Congratulations! Sounds like a great reason to celebrate, and there are two places downtown that I think would be perfect.  Each restaurant brings something a little different to the table, and either one would be an excellent choice for a special dinner out.

If the quality of the sushi is your biggest concern, Kaz Sushi Bistro, on I Street between 19th and 20th, has developed a reputation as one of DC’s best sushi restaurants. While the menu gives you the option to order your fish a la carte, choosing one of the sushi tasting plates could set this dinner apart from your typical trip to a sushi joint. Best of all? Kaz fits your desire for an upscale place to dine without being too expensive, with a great deal of the menu coming in at a very reasonable price.

For a bit more lively take on an upscale sushi restaurant, I’d recommend heading to Kushi Izakaya and Sushi in Mt. Vernon Square, where a full array of sushi shares with the menu with a number of shareable plates of cooked Japanese food.  This place also gets points, especially for a celebratory occasion, for its delicious and interesting cocktail menu. The vibe here is young and energetic, while still being the kind of place you can dress up to dine there.

You really can’t go wrong with either choice. Let me know where you dine, and I hope you enjoy it!



2 Responses to Mailbag: Fancy Sushi Dinner!

  1. danii says:

    No mention of Sushi Taro?! Renovated a few years back, its not the Sushi Taro of old (which was still awesome). In my humblest of opinions, the chef’s table (omakase) at Sushi Taro is the BEST place for quality sushi, worthy of an occasion. We usually go for my birthday. “awarded as one of “DC’s 10 Top Table” by Washington Post. We Serve “Omakase” style that educational, fun & interactive tasting meal of “Genuine Japanese” dishes.”

    • Evan says:

      Thank you for the suggestion! I actually thought a lot about whether to include Sushi Taro, and I eventually decided that it was a bit too expensive for what I felt the question was asking for (especially the omakase table). I haven’t had a chance to go yet myself, but Sushi Taro has earned a reputation for serving some of the best sushi in the District and you’re definitely right that it’s a wonderful place for a celebration. If you’re reading this, question-writer, definitely look into Sushi Taro for your next occasion (maybe in six months for the one-year anniversary!)

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