The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup: 01/08/13

It’s good to be back! Here’s what we’ve got today.

Fifty-Fifty: Scoutmob’s $25 for $50 worth of Cuban food at Cubano’s is a pretty good deal.  The restaurant gets solid reviews from Yelpers and the Washington Post, and that $50 will cover dinner for two, although you’ll likely have to spend out of pocket to get drinks as well.  The downside? It’s up in Silver Spring, which isn’t the most appealing destination for most DC residents.  At only a 6 minute walk from the metro, though, this is still a viable option.  I’d say make a night of it, and catch a movie at one of Silver Spring’s two movie theaters while you’re up there.

Avoid: Unless Potomac Pizza is on your regular takeout location, there’s no compelling reason to get today’s Groupon for one large 2-topping pizza for $10 there.  The pizza’s not great, and the storefronts are not convenient if you live or work in DC proper.  There are  definitely better pizza options for close to the same price spread across the city.

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