The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 01/11/13

Friday! We made it! And there are a lot of deals out there. Here we go:

Must-Buy: Even though it’s out in Falls Church, today’s Google Offer for three courses at 2941 for only $50 is fantastic.  For an upscale, occasion restaurant like this that’s turning out some delicious food, you’re not going to do much better.  Pick this up immediately, and start planning a special night out.

Fifty-Fifty: I’m not particularly thrilled about an offer for Cafe Luna in Dupont, but the value of LivingSocial’s deal of $42 for a three course meal for 2 plus a glass of wine each is too high for me to make it an avoid.  Let’s leave it at this: if you’re looking for great food, don’t get this deal. If you’re looking to spend $42 on a night out for two and don’t care as much about what you’re eating, pick this up.

Avoid:Apparently it’s three-course meal day today: for $24 more, you can get basically the exact same deal at Ristorante I Ricchi through Groupon, plus a second dessert and a glass of prosecco each. We haven’t been thrilled with deals here in the past, and today is no exception.  $69 (plus tip!) is a pretty large amount of cash, and despite the fact that three courses plus two drinks for two is a pretty great deal price-wise, there are simply better places to spend it in DC.  Spend the money on 2941 instead, and splurge for that glass of wine each.

Avoid: Something strange is going on over at Marrekesh on P Street, and until they figure themselves out, I can’t recommend using today’s Scoutmob there. Between the constant name changes (another one just yesterday!), an incident with a revoked liquor license, and other mysterious happenings, the constant turmoil makes this a dubious option for dinner.  I’d pass.

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