The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 1/24/2013

Hello! Apparently, today is “Repeats from 2012” day on the dealz sites (with the exception of Scoutmob), so we’ll follow along and give the exact same advice we did in 2012. The good thing is, our advice is to get these deals ASAP!

Must Buy: A lot of the time you’ll see deals that exclude Happy Hours. Today’s Google Offer goes the other way. $12 for $24 to Cafe Citron (1343 Connecticut Ave., NW) only valid during happy hour. Now this is likely the only time I would go to Cafe Citron (the prices are pretty high), so this is a killer deal. $5 Mojitos will get you started. Check out their Saturday Happy Hour as well if you want a place to kick off a night in Dupont.

Must-Buy:  Groupon’s $40 coupon for a three-course meal for two at Chef Tony’s is a great way to get a nice dinner for two at a reasonable price.  Serving seasonal Italian seafood, Chef Tony’s is a great little spot, and the deal includes the added bonus of 20% off a bottle of wine.  If you’ve been looking for a chance to get a bit more upscale food at a reasonable price, don’t miss this one.

Must Buy: I really like Haydee’s in Mount Pleasant. A really laid back spot with awesome food that doesn’t break the bank. Sounds perfect right? Now add $20 for $40 from LivingSocial, and you’re in serious business.

Fifty-Fifty: Whitlow’s on Wilson is your classic, reliable neighborhood bar, and a great place to grab a bite to eat or have a beer with some friends. If you’re in Clarendon, absolutely take advantage of today’s Scoutmob. If not? Well, you’ve probably got your own neighborhood spot that’s just as good, making this not worth the trip.

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