The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 01/29/2013

Good morning! Some good restaurants on our radar today; unfortunately, the deals themselves aren’t always quite so hot. Here’s what we got today.

Must-Buy: Groupon continues its run of 2012’s best deals with today’s offer of $20 for $40 of food at Lebanese Taverna, and once again we’ll declare you should absolutely take advantage. This place serves up some delicious Lebanese food, and $40 is enough to cover two entrees.  The only downside? The deal only applies to the Bethesda location, meaning a bit longer trip up the Red Line than if you could visit their Woodley Park spot.  Still, in this case, we think the extra 15 minutes is worth it.

Fifty-Fifty: Himalayan Heritage is a great neighborhood spot, and today’s Livingsocial deal for $5 for $10 of takeout or delivery is a nice way to save $5 on a tasty dinner. Unfortunately, this time the Bethesda-only caveat makes takeout and delivery far less convenient, and $10 is nowhere near enough for dinner. This deal is only for people in or near Bethesda that are looking to save a couple bucks on a meal; everyone else, steer clear.

Avoid: I rarely give Scoutmob deals an avoid since you don’t have to buy ahead, but today’s offer of $10 off at Odeon Cafe in Dupont Circle is a double whammy of meh: mediocre Italian food and a deal that will cover nowhere near dinner for two. Feel free to take advantage of the savings if you happen to be dining there, but there are better options in the neighborhood.

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