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Bargain Bites

Duke’s Grocery

There’s an old cliche that the British have terrible food. I guess it must have come from somewhere, but everything you read (and everything I’ve experienced) indicates that that may be overwrought. And if Duke’s Grocery is an any indication of what they’re doing over in England, I’m moving immediately. Located on 17th St. near such legends as Komi, Little Serow, and Sushi Taro, Duke’s Grocery is a pretty unassuming spot that’s delivering up some some really tasty fare.

Their menu rotates daily (albeit slightly) so make sure you check out Facebook for the daily menu.

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My Snowed In Food Diary

Yesterday, like many of you, I enjoyed watching the snow fall from the comfort of my house. I didn’t brave the outdoors and fortunately could work from home. Had this been 2013 I likely would’ve had a few old eggs and some freezer burnt meat available. But my plan for 2014 has been to stock up on good food and prepare more meals at home. And so far it’s working. On Sunday you can almost certainly find me at the H St Giant or Union Market (or both). With many good options to choose I did what any food obsessed person would do on a day in the house, I ate…a lot.

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The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 1/16/2014

So we told we were back and what good tidings we bring. Today’s deal actually wasn’t from today, but I saw it before we brought the blog back and it was so good I was mad I couldn’t share it. But guess what today is your day. DC is a city well known for it’s Ethiopian food. Everyone has their favorite spot. Today we are featuring my favorite Ethiopian joint, Etete (1942 9th St., NW). Located on 9th St in between U and T, Etete makes a perfect anytime meal. Whether you’re checking a show out at the 9:30 Club or looking for a cool date spot or just enjoying a night out with friends you can’t go wrong with LivingSocial’s offer of $20 for $40.

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And We’re Back!

Fried Oreo Goodness

Hello there. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes or a bear awakening from hibernation or many other terrible metaphors we have returned. We’re sorry we went out for cigarettes and never came back. The good news is 2014 will once again be a year chock full of ETD goodness.

Now I could give you a lot of excuses for why we didn’t keep up the blog, but they would be just that. We got lazy in 2013. One big factor contributed to this. Last year was marked by an incredible number of restaurant openings (I ate well in 2013).

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