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Shoot to Grill

(Editor’s Note: Today we’re joined by Ben Merkel in what we hope is not his last time appearing here. By day he works at U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. By night [and weekend] he cooks up some mighty tasty food)

Okay, okay, I know I’m breaking the rules here at Eat The District, but when I was invited to write a guest post about grilling at home, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do so. Besides, eating at home is the original bargain bite and with a little bit of practice, can become one of the most consistently delicious places to eat.

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Bargain Bites

Pork Barrel BBQ

Welcome back to our 2nd of a two part piece on Pork Barrel BBQ. Yesterday you read my interview with co-owner Bill Blackburn (what? you didn’t read it? go and do that NOW), today I’m going to talk about the food.

Let’s get this out of the way: the food at Pork Barrel is phenomenal. They turn out consistently moist and tender barbecue and everything I’ve had there is delicious. When eating barbecue I tend to favor beef barbecue, and so today I’m going to talk about two of their dishes that you may not know about due to your love of pork.

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Food Trucks

Curley’s Q: Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em.

The general consensus is that in order to get great BBQ, one must head south.  Unfortunately, the great strongholds of American BBQ: Texas, Memphis, Kansas City, are something of a road trip away.  Fortunately for us, the conventional wisdom does not necessarily apply here in the district.  See, I have experienced some truly delicious Q by looking North.  North to Montgomery County that is.

Curley’s Q is a relatively new BBQ truck based outside of DC, in Montgomery County.  Started by the truck’s namesake David ‘Curley’ Cornblatt less than two months ago, this bright yellow number serves up copious amounts of hardwood smoked meat.  

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