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In Praise Of

English Coastal Cheddar

I have strong opinions about a lot of food items. Some of you will call it snobbery (and probably rightfully so), but I consider it knowing what I want. One of these areas is cheese. Especially cheddar cheese. It’s my favorite, and I have taken a lot of time and sampled a lot of different varieties and producers to know what I like. I’ve had cheddar from Vermont, Wisconsin, Oregon, California, New York, Quebec, Ireland, England, the list goes on. So what’s my favorite? English Coastal Cheddar.

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Bargain Bites

Georgetown Bagelry

Bagels. Everyone loves bagels. I’m pretty sure that’s a fact. I’ve written about bagels here on Eat the District before (in it’s older incarnation). Bagels Etc. used to be my weekend stumble out of the apartment go to. But I’ve gotten older, friends and I’ve moved north to Tenleytown. The options here are more limited, especially when it comes to bagels. The best option is a quick drive north to Bethesda. There you’re presented with two options: Bethesda Bagels and Georgetown Bagelry.

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