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The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 09/19/12

One fantastic deal this morning!

Must-buy: Oh man. You know how we feel about El Pollo Sabroso. Today’s Scoutmob for $5 for $10 just makes a trip to their Columbia Heights location even better. Make sure you don’t miss this one!

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Bargain Bites

Chicken Out

When it comes to good, quick takeout food, we here at Eat the District love a good piece of roast chicken, especially when it’s cheap. There are many chicken places in the city (Evan already went to El Pollo Sabroso and loved it), and we’ll probably get to a bunch more before we’re all said and done here. That being said, not all of these places are created equal. Roast chicken, while a pretty simple dish, can easily end up dry and tasteless in the wrong hands. There’s no worries about that when you eat at Chicken Out.

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Bargain Bites

El Pollo Sabroso

In general, DC struggles with cheap and delicious ethnic food. It lacks the abundance of small, family-owned Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, and other restaurants that are found in many big cities in the northeast and across the country. While the most notable exception to the rule is certainly the district’s large selection of incredible Ethiopian restaurants, I’ve instead found myself turning for a quick, cheap bite to the District’s sometimes-overlooked Latin American food, which can be found all over the northern side of Northwest DC.

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