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Quit Your Job and Work for Facebook

“Go west, young man.” – Horace Greeley

So I have a confession to make. Contrary to popular belief I do not spend all my time working on perfecting Eat The District. I have a full-time job (pause to let that bombshell sink in). And as luck would have it early this week I was fortunate enough to get to travel out west for a meeting at Facebook HQ. I’m not going to talk about why I was there or what I learned, but I will tell you about how I ate. Don’t worry: I was assured that this was okay and not part of the NDA I signed.

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Check it Out: Free Georgetown Cupcakes


We here at Eat the District live by only one maxim in life: the only thing better than eating for cheap is eating for free. We are known scavengers, seeking out every complementary drink we can find and asking our friends if they’re REALLY going eat those leftovers because maybe we should just take them instead. We. Love. Free. Food.

Photo courtesy of Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake

Which is why our ears perked up when we first learned of Georgetown Cupcake’s daily cupcake giveaway. Every morning – yes, EVERY SINGLE MORNING – Georgetown Cupcake tweets and posts on Facebook the secret flavor of the day.

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