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Mailbag: Orange Line Edition

Welcome to our first edition of the Eat the District mailbag! Today I tackle two questions: one Orange Line related, and one bakery related. Please send any questions to micah@eatthedistrict.com, or just leave a comment here!

I need a place for a weeknight dinner for two that’s close to the Orange Line where I can snag a table on one night’s notice.  Interesting food is a major plus, and moderately priced (not too expensive but not a bargain bite) is ideal.  Any thoughts?

Oof. The Orange Line.

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In Praise Of

Grilled Cheese

Lets do some word association.  Grilled cheese: Delicious.  Gooey.  Diner.  Lunchtime.  Childhood.  Butter.  Sandwich.  Perfection.

I’m a sandwich man.  I like to eat things between two pieces of bread.  It allows me to eschew forks and knives, hence reducing objects within my field of vision that I am unable to eat while chowing down.  Side note: when eating, things that I cannot eat are offensive to me. Bring on the edible plates.  Anywho… I’m a sandwich man… I already said that?

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Guest Posts

Eating the District – with Parents

[Editor’s Note: today we welcome our first guest blogger to Eat the District. This one is very close to a member of our team. We welcome one of the mothers of Eat the District, Rebecca Lubens, to our larger family. If you have a topic you wish to write about please contact us, and we’ll get you up here.]

By Rebecca Lubens

As a mother who’s visited my son in DC many times, here’s how I imagine he plans for that delicious meal (or two) we’ll be enjoying together, plus some recommendations for great restaurant picks when Eating the District with Parents.

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