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Friday Special: Drink The District @ Tonic

Yesterday, we took a gander at Tonic at Quigley’s new summer menu offerings.  But today it is Friday and to get you jonesing for that liquid fun, today we will take a brief look at some of Tonic’s signature cocktails.  Each one that was sampled will be given a rating in Bangs, either one, two or three Bangs will be awarded.  These Bangs are to be considered and measured against the Buck, whatever that entails… Here goes!

Peach Sangria: (Pinot Noir/ Creme de Cassis / St Germaine /lemon juice) Where does all that peach flavor come from?!?!?

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The Mighty Gin Bucket

As Eddard Stark might say, summer is coming (yes, we’re Game of Thrones nerds here at Eat the District). That means hanging outside, relaxing with friends, and sipping on a cold beverage. For me, as many of my friends know, that means the gin bucket. It is an anytime drink, but it’s best suited for the summer, a time when your cares melt away and the days are long. It’s really my favorite time of the year, and the gin bucket may be my favorite alcoholic beverage. For years I’ve been making it and oftentimes people will ask me, “Micah, what do you put in your gin bucket?” and for years I’ve been giving them the cold shoulder.

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