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Bargain Bites

Tacos El Chilango

You’ve already read my review of El Chilango the food truck (if you haven’t read it here). About a month ago it was announced that they would be opening a store on V Street. And then it was announced that it would open my birthday week. And then I found out I was moving 5 blocks away. So consider me excited when I checked it out last week. Would it live up to the truck? Would there be more menu options? Would there be habanero slaw. The answer to all these questions is an emphatic yes.

A heaping plate of goodness

Tacos El Chilango the store lives up to the hype.

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Food Trucks

El Chilango: The Real Deal

For today’s post I decide that it was time I get out and hit the streets. I couldn’t let Steve have all the fun with our rolling kitchens. There are so many great ones out there. So many big names. Today I want to tell you about the one you haven’t heard of and why it might be the best one there is. In a city where food trucks have exploded, where every cuisine has a truck and every truck has a witty name, El Chilango is sticking to the important stuff, namely, cranking out insane food.

El Chilango isn’t a pretty truck.

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A Cut Above


One of the young women at the table next to us had gotten up to go to the bathroom, and the other was focused on her phone, carefully Instagram-ing pictures of what she’d eaten. Our friend Amanda gently leaned over and said softly, “You might want to look up.” She lifted her head to find Top Chef celebrity and Bandolero head chef Mike Isabella sitting across from her, calmly pretending to play with her friend’s phone. Rendered near speechless, she stammered a few words of small talk with Chef Isabella before he got up and moved on; she immediately turned to us and said, “Oh my god, I felt like a 13-year old girl!”

Bandolero’s first night was filled with a lot of little moments like this one, moments that made the evening feel like a combination of restaurant opening and movie premiere.

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