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A Cut Above

Pulpo: Tentacular

We talk about Cleveland Park a lot here at Eat The District.  Maybe too much.  But the commercial stretch of Connecticut Avenue betwixt Porter and Macomb is truly a culinary gold mine.  Establishments such as Ardeo-Bardeo, Ripple, Medium Rare, and Palena would deter some restaurateurs from jumping into this packed culinary environment.  But just a few weeks ago, owner Dino Tapper (also of Logan Circle’s Floriana)  brought his newest creation, Pulpo, into the mix. I am happy to report that this Cephalopod focused Tapas spot does not disappoint.

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Food Trucks

Trucko de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo offered a maelstrom of events this year. From celebrating the holiday to the Kentucky Derby to the Mayweather/Cotto fight and a lot of good playoff sports, Eat the District had to choose how we wanted to spend our Saturday. Curbside Cookoff’s Trucko de Mayo featuring 45 food trucks down at RFk was a no brainer. Here was a chance to sample a lot of different trucks and take in the fun vibe on a beautiful Saturday. It wasn’t overly crowded when Even and Micah went (around lunch time) and the lines moved quickly.

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