The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 04/07/2012

Happy Saturday everyone. What you thought we wouldn’t hit you with the roundup on the weekend? Well here we are and we got deals for you. The weekend morning roundups may skew toward early afternoon roundups, but we’ll be bringing the freshest deals your way every weekend morning.

Must Buy/Fifty-Fifty: Groupon’s offering a $49 meal for two to The Wild Orchid Cafe. Four courses for $49. Now why isn’t this solely a must buy? The only reason is because it’s not the district (which is the point of this blog). The Wild Orchid is located out in Annapolis. So only those of you with cars or Zipcar memberships or friends with cars will be able to take advantage of this excellent deal. We won’t ignore this deal, but buy at your discretion. If you do buy this, I recommend spending the day in Annapolis (maybe take in a tour of the Naval Academy) and finishing it with a lovely dinner.

Fifty-Fifty: We love Thai food. So why not learn to cook Thai food. This 2-hour Thai Cooking Class from Google Offers is not only a good deal, but would be a really fun experience for you and your cooking enthusiast friends. This one isn’t a must buy because many of you don’t like to cook.

Avoid: Evan gave you the big avoid with the District Underground deal, so nothing to really see here. Move along.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone.

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