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The Joy of McDonald’s Breakfast

At some level, everyone acknowledges that McDonald’s is bad. It’s certainly not healthy for you, and it often leaves you feeling sick afterwards. We eat it at all hours because it’s cheap, it’s damn tasty while you eat it, and oftentimes it’s 3 am on a Friday night and nothing else is open while we’re heading home (among my friends we refer to this as going to McD’s on the backend).

After my rant about not liking chain restaurants in my Olive Garden post, this may seem a bit hypocritical, but today’s In Praise Of will focus solely on my favorite of McDonald’s offerings: breakfast. Breakfast at McDonald’s is hands down, 100% my favorite meal at the Golden Arches. If they offered it 24/7 (take note smart franchisees, this is a million dollar idea) I would never eat anything else there again. Currently you can only get breakfast served until 11 am (or 11:30 in some rare fantastic places and 10:30 in some terrible places), and one of the best things that can happen at a McDonald’s is showing up to get food and having them unexpectedly still be serving breakfast. The joy you feel is almost unparalleled (okay, maybe that’s hyperbole, but it’s still very joyful). If they just offered the sandwiches – pancakes, home fries, and other more obscure items could be cut from this 24/7 breakfast menu – they would do brisk business. Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? Plus, think about the possibility of putting an egg on your burger! Tempting, I know.

The thing about McD’s breakfast is that comparatively it’s good for you (gasp!). My order comes out to 300 calories (sandwich only). They use real eggs cracked on site –I have this information verified by an insider – which adds to the freshness, and they’re cooked on a real grill and not in a microwave like some other breakfast places.

So what do I get that’s turned me into such a raving McDonald’s fanboy? Well, in true Micah fashion, it’s not straightforward. I order a number 3 (Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on a Biscuit) and swap the biscuit for an English Muffin. I prefer English Muffins to biscuits and regular bacon to Canadian (hence no Egg McMuffin). Add in a hash brown and some OJ and you’re good to go

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