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Quit Your Job and Work for Facebook

“Go west, young man.” – Horace Greeley

So I have a confession to make. Contrary to popular belief I do not spend all my time working on perfecting Eat The District. I have a full-time job (pause to let that bombshell sink in). And as luck would have it early this week I was fortunate enough to get to travel out west for a meeting at Facebook HQ. I’m not going to talk about why I was there or what I learned, but I will tell you about how I ate. Don’t worry: I was assured that this was okay and not part of the NDA I signed.

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In Praise Of

The Joy of McDonald’s Breakfast

At some level, everyone acknowledges that McDonald’s is bad. It’s certainly not healthy for you, and it often leaves you feeling sick afterwards. We eat it at all hours because it’s cheap, it’s damn tasty while you eat it, and oftentimes it’s 3 am on a Friday night and nothing else is open while we’re heading home (among my friends we refer to this as going to McD’s on the backend).

After my rant about not liking chain restaurants in my Olive Garden post, this may seem a bit hypocritical, but today’s In Praise Of will focus solely on my favorite of McDonald’s offerings: breakfast.

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The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 04/16/2012

Nothing too spectacular this morning, but there’s a couple of deals that may be worth your attention, and one you shouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.  Here’s the roundup:

Fifty-Fifty: The Capitol Deal’s offer of $15.50 for an entree and unlimited mimosas or bloody marys at Ulah Bistro is real tempting.  Ulah Bistro serves up a delicious brunch – I recommend the Eggs Chesapeake – and is a great place to spend a Saturday morning/early afternoon.  That being said, this deal is only worth it for the drinks.  

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