The Morning Roundup

The Morning Roundup 04/19/2012

After a brief hiatus, I’m back on The Morning Roundup (I was out West, you’ll hear more about that later). And as if somehow the gods of the deal knew I was returning today, we’ve got some good ones for you:

Photo from The Capitol Deal

Must Buy: Capitol Deal’s $20 for $40 at The Cajun Experience¬†features so many added perks it’s astounding. In addition to the money, it’s available for Sunday’s bottomless mimosa brunch AND if you go between Monday-Wednesday you get 50% off a bottle of wine. On top of that they have some pretty good food (I had a mighty tasty po’ boy and some fine beignets when I went). This is a deal for 2 certainly.

Must Buy: Indian food is expensive, and often not overwhelming. If you’re not eating at Rasika the decline can be dramatic. Himalayan Heritage in Adams Morgan is a reasonable (fairly so) option. Google Offers is offering $15 for $30, which will get you really close to a meal for 2 or a fantastically decadent meal for 1.

Fifty-Fifty: $10 for $20 at The Upper Crust¬†from Groupon just doesn’t scream yes to me. It doesn’t scream no either. That’s what Fifty-Fifty was created for. You can get a pie and that’s about it. With the recent similar deal at Pete’s I joined two friends and got 2 pizzas among the 3 of us, but their pizza is amazing. So maybe pool resources on this deal and it will be worth your while, but I can’t go crazy for this one.

Avoid: LivingSocial’s Cookin’ with Brews Class for $79 just doesn’t fly for me. I don’t want to cook meals with beer SO badly that I’m willing to shell out this kind of cash. Maybe it’s me, but I’ll save that money and eat somewhere awesome.

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